.​.​. And All the Adults Will Run Away

by Xille Xille Xille

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released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Xille Xille Xille Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Anti-Patriotism
You fight at your masters will
Going on in for the kill
You do what they ask of you
False colors of red, white and blue

Chorus: A few hundred years
of oppression and misery
the slaves and genocide
For a land that was stolen
they want to expand their bases
looking for the next glory hole

you seek your next oil drill
an innocent child you'll kill
the murderous look on your face
such a disgrace

a future we hope is happy
a future we might not see
weapons pointed to the sky
our mother earth will die
Track Name: To Be a Man
The scars you left
Where did you go wrong?
The lives you've damaged
Chang your point-of-view

Just because you're a man
that doesn't mean you're in charge of everyone else
you're not always right

Abuse her, you'll lose her
Abuse him, you'll lose him
Abuse them, you'll lose them
Don't abuse yourself

Forced Masculinity
Track Name: Are We In the Hourglass?
I swim to the surface, breathe in air
It's those sincere moments that linger when you're not here
how I miss you

Here comes the night
on our dreams
the moon shines light
on our faces

Bursting stars
Track Name: Animal Kingdom
A dying planet
lonely and cold
the human race, no other life form
non-human animals are at our mercy
what we have done can't be undone

lush green earth
wither away
this is our crisis
watch it decay